The Company

The World's End Theatre Company produces professional theatre reflecting the diversity of life on Fogo Island and Change Islands, Newfoundland and Labrador.  Residents of the community participate in all aspects of the production, while the scenic islands serve as the backdrop for the stage.  World's End Theatre will regularly produce original performances that showcase the history, culture and experiences of Fogo Island.  These stories are told by the people who lived them.

This summer we are proud to present our 3rd annual theatre festival! [Click here to learn more.]

The Academy

Since January 2008, World's End Theatre Company has held classes and workshops in many different genres of performing arts in order to educate and train the people of Fogo Island and Change Islands. In January, 2010, we created a Youth Theatre Program as part of the Academy which sees youth ages 14-19 take part in weekly classes and workshops. Look to this column in the future for more information on programs and workshops!

Past teachers at the World's End Theatre Academy include:

Geoff Adams - Scene Study

Darka Erdelji - Puppetry

Krista Hann - Stage Combat

Peggy Hogan - Costume Design

Dale Jarvis - Storytelling

Carol Penton - Music

Ray Saunders - Acting

Agnes Walsh - Storytelling

What's On

2011 Poster

The 4th annual World's End Theatre Festival returns July 15-August 7, 2011.

"They Club Seals, Don't They?" by The Mummers Troupe. 8pm Fridays and Saturdays at Wesley United Church in Seldom.

"Kept" by Amy Anthony and Philip Goodridge. Noon Saturdays and Sundays in outdoor locations throughout the islands.

See our poster here.

See our Season page for details!