Past Productions

The World's End Theatre Festival is proud to bring both professional and community-based productions to Fogo Island and Change Islands. Here's a look at what we've been up to since we started up in January, 2008.


Adrift (2010)

Written and performed by Greg White, and beautifully directed by Sharon King-Campbell, Adrift tells the tragic true story of four young sealers from Joe Batt's Arm who lost their lives out on the ice in 1917. The story is told through the eyes of Joseph Jacobs, one of the men, whose gaff was discovered months later with a haunting message carved into it. Adrift played once a week during the 3rd World's End Theatre Festival and was designed for outdoor production by Jake Blackwood.The play was a marvelous and solemn tribute to sealers and all those who have lost their lives on the sea.

Photo: Actor Greg White performs Adrift at Brimstone Head in Fogo.




Speaking of Which (2010)

Commissioned for the 3rd Annnual World's End Theatre Festival, Speaking of Which is a hilarious and relevant play written by NL playwright, Krista Hann. The play focuses on Peter and Lucy who are expecting a baby, which is not an easy task when living on Fogo Island, especially since their in-laws want to make all the desicions. Directed by Sharon King-Campbell and designed by Jake Blackwood, Speaking of Which finds an elegant way of combining current Fogo Island issues with side-splitting comedy. The show performed twice a week during the festival and was huge hit!

PHOTO(from left): Joan Foley (Liz), Jason Hoven (Peter), Amanda Penton (Lucy), and Ray Saunders (Jim) star in Speaking of Which at the former Wesley United Church in Seldom.



Next Stone, Next Story (2009)Next Stone, Next Story plays at Salmon Point in Little Seldom

Next Stone, Next Story was commissioned by the World's End Theatre Company to premiere at Festival 2009 and played Friday and Saturday evenings throughout.  Written by Newfoundland playwright Rory Lambert, directed by Brad Hodder and designed by Meaghan Harding, this original play featured ghost stories from Fogo Island and Change Islands.  A crowd-pleaser for audience members of all ages, this one was a hit!

PHOTO: Next Stone, Next Story performs at Salmon Point, Little Seldom




The cast of Stories & Songs at the SUF Hall in Change Islands

Stories and Songs (2009 & 2010)

Stories and Songs premiered during the 2nd Annual World's End Theatre Festival in 2009, and was a great success. The orignal production was directed by Sharon King-Campbell and designed by Meaghan Harding with performers Carol Penton, Greg Kelly, Greg White, and Musical Director Aaron Cobb. It wowed the crowds with a program of original songs written by the cast, local tunes, tales and recitations, and a few good jokes. Many thanks in particular to Roy Dwyer and Robert Blake for allowing us to use their writing. The show has become a staple of the annual World's End Theatre Festival!

PHOTO: The cast of Stories and Songs performs at the SUF Hall in Change Islands.



Roy Dwyer, of Tilting, performs a recitation.

An Evening of Storytelling

After leading a day-long workshop, renowned author and storyteller Dale Jarvis was the guest of honour at the first official Storytelling Performance in Fogo Island for quite some time, if ever. Held at Kenna's Pub (Central, Fogo Island) on Saturay, January 24th, the evening was a great success. Despite stormy weather, the pub was packed with intent listeners as participants in the day's workshop, enthusiastic members of the audience, and of course, Mr. Jarvis, took a place against the bar to tell a story or two. Many thanks to Dale for his help in getting this event on its feet!

PHOTO: Roy Dwyer, of Tilting, performs a recitation.







Dave Shea (Dave) and Jason Hoven (Jacob) discuss the state of the fishery.

Fighting Fire with Snow (2008 - 2010)

Running for five shows August 6-9, 2008, World's End Theatre's first original production hit the stage - or rather, the scenery. Performed in five different communities across Fogo Island and Change Islands, this show performed outdoors whenever weather permitted, and indoors only in case of rain. Residents and ex-patriots alike took the performance to heart, and the reaction was so positive that we remounted it for the World's End Theatre Festival in 2009 & 2010!

"I watched the play, and from start to finish and I was enthralled, and highly emotional.  I actually felt silly for crying so much, but this play touched me so deeply.  I was seeing Fogo Island, my island, with a fresh set of eyes. ... I hope that during my next summer vacation on beautiful Fogo Island there will be another play.  I've been telling my family and friends about it. ... WOW!  You got it right.  Excellent work."

PHOTO: Dave Shea (Dave) and Jason Hoven (Jacob) discuss the state of the fishery.  



Dave Shea performs "Smokeroom on the Kyle"

Here Comes We: A Celebration of the New Year (2008 - 2010)

Our first show, performed January 5, 2008, was a roaring success. Singers, dancers, musicians and comedians from across Fogo Island strutted their stuff on the stage at the Fogo Island Central Academy cafeteria.  Also featuring the first public screening of 25-minute documentary film, The Great Fogo Island Punt Race to There and Back and a Mummer's Play once performed in Change Islands, the standing-room-only crowd had a laughing-out-loud, toe-tapping good time. Many thanks to FICA, and especially to Carol Penton for spearheading this event! Here Comes We has now become an annual event taking place in January!

PHOTO: Dave Shea performs Ted Russell's, "Smokeroom on the Kyle."